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Welcome To my longevity journey

My Longevity Journey

A Life Transformed

Welcome to my journey of pursuing longevity and optimal health!

I’m excited to share the experiences, insights, and possibilities I discover on the path towards “Living Healthier Longer” and improving overall wellbeing.

This site will document my quest to make it to 120 by uncovering and testing various longevity practices, products, and philosophies.

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My Longevity Journey, Styra Greece

I’m Mark Vogel

Health Seeker / Longevity Advocate

Mark Vogel, Longevity CoachHi there, I’m Mark Vogel, a Health Seeker and Longevity Advocate passionate about helping others navigate the ever-evolving world of living a long and healthy life. I am 57 and I want to share a bit of how my journey started unexpectedly. Like many, I accepted aches and fatigue as simply getting older. But a routine checkup at 51 revealed Lyme disease, a hidden health challenge. While traditional treatment helped, it wasn’t ideal. This sparked my curiosity about proactive health and led me down the path of exploring longevity science.

This website chronicles my ongoing journey of discovery. I share what I’ve learned about healthy living, longevity science, and biohacking. I discuss tests I’ve taken, dietary and lifestyle changes I’ve made, and the science behind it all. Whether you’re new to this space or looking to optimize your health journey, I hope my experiences and insights become valuable resources for you.

Here’s what we are working on for you to find on this website (updates coming soon):

  • Healthy Lifestyle: Explore evidence-based practices for improving your physical and mental well-being, including:

    • Diet: Learn about the Mediterranean Diet, protein, and whole foods.
    • Exercise: Discover the benefits of sit & stand, strength training, and natural movement.
    • Other Habits: Explore sleep, the microbiome, fasting, meditation, and more.
  • Longevity Science: Delve into the science behind healthy aging, including:

    • The Diseases of Aging: Understand the science behind common age-related diseases.
    • Longevity Tools & Strategies: Explore supplements, molecules, and techniques like Metformin and stem cells.
    • DNA & Epigenetics: Learn how your genes and environment interact.
  • Healthcare: Understand the difference between disease care and preventative approaches:

    • Traditional vs. Functional Medicine: Compare different healthcare philosophies.
    • The Future of Healthcare: Explore the shift towards preventative models.
    • Taking Ownership of Your Health: Learn about comprehensive testing and building a personalized plan.
  • Protocols & Resources: Discover my personal testing protocols and supplement list.

  • Expert Insights: Learn from leading voices in the longevity field, including David Sinclair, Dr. Mark Hyman, and Andrew Huberman.

  • The Blue Zones: Explore the science behind longevity hotspots around the world.

  • Pathfinder: Your guide to navigating the resources, including articles, podcasts, and audio books.

  • And More: Explore recipes, connect with me, and access essential terms and definitions.

I believe everyone deserves to live a long and healthy life. Join me on this journey to explore the possibilities and create a lifestyle for a healthier you!

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